Principles to Guide Redevelopment |

The following principles
came out of our visioning session.

Abstract Cityscape featuring housing in muted tones.


AFFORDABLE HOUSING is the highest priority in the redevelopment of the site. 

The loss of affordable housing is a critical issue in Kensington Market, exacerbated in recent years by the proliferation of ‘ghost hotels’ (under the guise of home-sharing initiatives such as AirBnb) and the development of luxury and high-end condominiums. 

Abstract Urban scape featuring a shopping bag with fresh produce in muted tones.


The site should be a MIXED-USE DEVELOPMENT, reflecting Kensington Market’s traditional mix of commercial, residential and community activity. 

Kensington Market is a unique neighbourhood, with a well-integrated mix of housing, small businesses and community life. Any redevelopment of the Bellevue site must reflect, support and promote this mix.

Abstract Streetscape featuring footprints, bike track and hands in muted tones.


Redevelopment of the site must allow for COMMUNAL USES and COMMUNITY CONNECTION.

Kensington Market has a vibrant community life, which should be encouraged by any redevelopment of the Bellevue site.