The following data is from Spaces and Places of Exclusion: Mapping Rental Housing Disparities for Toronto’s Racialized and Immigrant Communities, a report published by Social Planning Toronto (November 2020). 

  • Renters make up almost half of households in Toronto. 
  • Families make up just over half of tenant households.
  • 46% of racialized individuals live in tenant households compared to 36% of non-racialized individuals.
  • 62% of newcomers, 39% of non-immigrants, and 33% of long-term immigrants live in tenant households. 
  • The low-income rate for tenant households (35.7%) is more than three times the rate of homeowners (11.7%).

It is important to contextualize the state of rentership in Kensington Market with reference to broader patterns of exclusion across Toronto.