54-56 Kensington Avenue

Photo: Ryan Rubin

As of June 1st, 2021, with the help of Councillor Mike Layton and anonymous neighbourhood donors, we have acquired the building at 54-56 Kensington Ave, it is now in community hands!

The building has 12 existing residential units, most of which are currently affordable housing units, as well as 5 commercial spaces, including a beloved variety store.

Please donate to our fundraiser to help our work go further.

Tenant Organizing for Community-Ownership

Residents, volunteers and staff tell the story of how we bought 54/56 Kensington Avenue in this webinar. Click play to watch the recording.

Photograph of the 2 storey building at 54 Kensington avenue taken from the sidewalk looking up. A banner with "Stop Renovictions! " hangs on the front.
Photo by: Hector Vasquez